Addressing Workplace Violence in Today’s Active Shooter Age

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Workplace Violence Crime SceneAs a series of tragic events in recent years illustrate, employers must confront the reality that they are not immune from workplace violence, including the risk of active shooter events. While that challenge may seem daunting, there are certain steps employers can and should take to ensure their workplace and their employees are protected.

In a recent XpertHR webinar, former Secret Service agent Matthew Doherty, currently the senior vice president of Hillard Heintze, a security risk management company, provided insight as to how to recognize, prepare for and prevent violence in the workplace.  As Doherty stressed, it is important for an employer to first understand that workplace violence, as defined by the FBI, is “any action that could threaten the safety of an employee, impact an employee’s physical or psychological well-being, or cause damage to company property.” As such, “workplace violence” encompasses a wide category of acts.

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