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Save Time. We have the ability to reach a large audience of security industry service providers and consultants so you don't have to waste time and effort trying to identify security guard companies to contact.

Save Money. We can show you the savings and return on investment when you use a security guard vendor instead of employing in-house staff that you don't have the time or expertise to train or manage. 

We have the ability to reach security industry providers to get you security guard quotes.

GASQ is focused on satisfying the unique needs of each business that wants to not only provide a safe and secure environment for their employees and customers, but also wants to ensure that areas of potential liability or loss are identified and successfully mitigated.  Our security guard quote process can put you in contact with security guard vendors that we pre-qualify and negotiate pay rates that are fair and equitable to both parties.

  • We eliminate the need for clients to seek out security companies because we bring them to you.

  • We eliminate vendor underbidding which not only affects the true value of your security contract, but also the quality of the services provided.

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We work with companies (security service buyers) who don’t want to manage a full-time in-house security staff. These businesses are looking for the best value for their money and expect the security services to match the fees. Our security vendors are able to meet your expectations in terms of providing a safe and risk free environment for conducting business at a price you can afford. Pre-qualifying before pursuit inspired our vision of a request for information and security guard quote process that provides the buyer with information that allows you to make an intelligent decision regarding the service being requested.

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While each property manager or business owner has needs for security guard services that are specific to their line of business, we have found that there are some relatively consistent needs when it comes to addressing in-house or outsourcing security services. GASQ has identified seven (7) concerns that every property manager struggles with as they try to find the right security vendor for the job and ensuring that they are paying a competitive price for quality security guard services. GASQ has developed an exclusive method that has removed the lowest bidder concept and price from the bid proposal process. Our exclusive GASQ “Negotiate for Us” process gives you the owner the ability to focus on hiring the security vendor with the best reputation and qualifications for quality security services for your property instead of the stress of price negotiating. View the seven (7) concerns here.

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