5 Trends to Watch in the Security Industry

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The security industry is growing in a massive way, with both cybersecurity and traditional security professions expected to grow by an average of 18 percent through the end of the decade. This rate of growth is far faster than the national average growth rate across all industries and occupations, and it suggests that there will be several trends emerging in the industry that are worth watching. As growth continues, and as the need for online and offline security continues to grow, these trends will characterize everything from education to job openings and career paths for security professionals.

#1: A Massive Increase in Information Security Hiring

Security has long been divided into two major groups: In-person security and cybersecurity. This is an antiquated view of the industry that will quickly diminish through the rest of the decade. As the world becomes extremely connected, with laptops, tablets, smartphones, cloud-based document storage, and an all-digital approach to documentation, the security industry will need more people to focus solely on information security.

Information security is primarily concerned with building highly secure systems to store protected documents, emails, and other correspondence, and even works as a disaster recovery effort when a hack has taken place. These professionals typically require at least a graduate degree in the field; they represent the most in-demand and most highly educated security professionals in today’s marketplace.

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