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The GASQ Mobile Patrol Hit Budget Calculator is an innovative approach and a proven method of estimating security services. It takes the guesswork out of budget-price for security services before you buy. The calculator gives you the budget-price, time and coverage you need to make the important decision.

It’s user-friendly, fast and easy. All you need to do is input your Budget Amount and the number of Weekly Checks and the calculator will provide you with the total number of weeks and months that your budget will cover. It's that simple.

Weekly Checks are defined as:

21 checks = 1 check every 8 hours; 3 checks per day or 1 check per 8 hour shift; 7 days per week
28 checks = 1 check every 6 hours; 4 checks per day; 7 days per week
42 checks = 1 check every 4 hours; 6 checks per day or 2 checks per 8 hour shift; 7 days per week
56 checks = 1 check every 3 hours; 8 checks per day; 7 days per week
84 checks = 1 check every 2 hours; 12 checks per day or 4 checks per 8 hour shift; 7 days per week

Accurate Budget-Pricing
This is not an estimate that is thousands of dollars off. Our Mobile Patrol Hit Budget Calculator pricing is accurate based on what our customer’s typical budget spend is. Not only is the pricing accurate, but we have security vendors in participating areas that will stand behind our pricing and are willing to accept your offer.

No Cost. No Obligation
Request a detailed Mobile Patrol Hit Budget Calculator Report to see how we can save you time and money spent on patrol hit services. Our calculator creates a better user experience. It enables our visitors to complete their own budget-pricing research and ultimately qualify or disqualify their budget themselves.

If the price is within your budget and you are interested in talking to someone that can complete your project for that price, let us know and we'll schedule an interview with a short list of members from our security vendor network.

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