GASQ offer various services and products to assist security vendors in improving their bottom line.  We offer expertise in:

  • security service sales
  • marketing
  • industry pricing
  • cost proposal calculation
  • cost benefit analysis
  • bill rate analysis
  • risk assessments
  • physical security surveys
  • other administrative services in support of security vendors

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Lead Qualification Monthly Packages

We offer 2 Lead Generation Monthly Subscription Packages (Standard and First Right of Refusal).  In each package, GASQ  will provide you with Qualified Leads and appointments with Decision Makers in 1 or more industries*.  We will also assist package subscribers with bill rates, pricing proposals, and bid negotiations.

Password provided upon transaction completion.

Standard Lead Qualification Package
(10 leads per month) $299

Full price $399 (25% savings)

First Right of Refusal Lead Qualification Package
(25 leads per month +) $699

Full price $999 (30% savings)

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Packages Include:
Account Profile Setup ** | Marketing/Promotions | Sales and Bridge Support

We will:

  • respond to all prospects forwarded for qualification within a timely manner
  • confirm the prospect’s need for security services
  • confirm if the prospect has an approved budget and funds to purchase security services
  • follow up with prospects to get a commitment and an appointment
  • maintain tracking of the qualification process and lead status
  • make immediate notifications after lead qualification success

Additional Marketing/Sales Services can be customized to fit your specific goals!

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Security Vendor Marketing Plan (stand alone)

Lead Qualification Plan Comparison

Description Standard Package First Right of Refusal Package Do-It-Yourself Package
Plan Price Per Month $299 per month
$399 full price
$699 per month
$999 full price
$159 per month
$799 full price
Plan Savings Per Month $100 or 25% $300 or 30% $640 or 80%
Subscription Length Month-to-Month 3-Month 3-Month
Use of Vendor Quote Tool No No Open Access
Use of Instant Quote Generator Yes Yes Yes
Number of Leads Processed Per Month 10 25 20 (est)
Cost Per Lead $29.99 $27.96 N/A
Additional or Non-Subscriber Leads $39.99 $39.99 N/A
Level-of-Effort Fees 7.5% of Total
Contract Value
3.75% of Total
Contract Value
Nurture Leads For 3 Months Yes Yes N/A
Monthly Status Report on Open Leads Yes Yes N/A
Lead Status Tracking Yes Yes N/A
Vendor Limitations N/A 5 per state N/A
Contract Value Limitations $4,000+ $18,500+ N/A
Price Proposal Assistance (2 per month) No Yes No
Areas the FRR Package is Available N/A Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington DC N/A
Estimated Return on Investment Value $3,990 $18,640 N/A
Dollar-To-Dollar ROI Ratio $13.00 to $1.00 $26.00 to $1.00 N/A

Do-It-Yourself Package (Monthly)

Use of the GASQ Instant Quote Generator - Vendor Version

Gain Access to the GASQ Instant Quote Generator system. You’ll save yourself loads of time with this easy way to calculate an estimated quote for your security services! The service cost quoted is always a simple best guess estimate. A GASQ QUOTE Estimate is accepted by security vendors nationwide.

Password provided upon transaction completion.
Subscription Length: 6-Months
Use of Vendor Quote Tool: Open Access
Use of Instant Quote Generator: Yes
Price Proposal Assistance: Not included

Open Access per month $159
Full price $799 (80% savings)

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Add An Instant Quote Banner On Your Website

GASQ allows security vendors to add a banner image/link to the Instant Quote Generator Form (buyer version)
Subscription is not required to promote the system!

GASQ Instant Quote

Bill Rate Analysis

The Bill Rate Analysis helps our vendor’s identify excessive costs and effectively negotiate reasonable billing rates with their customers while ensuring quality service and a reasonable profit.

This analysis is especially beneficial to vendors participating in the GASQ Referral Program
FREE for monthly subscribers!
One included with Account Profile Setup

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Cost: $175

Cost & Price Proposals

GASQ calculates the budgetary requirements of the contracts you are bidding on. We address the scope of services, project schedule and resources required, i.e. monetary, personnel and equipment. We will provide a customized response to fit the Contracting document requirements.

Cost: Call for Pricing
Fee based on complexity of the bid response. Call us at (404) 922-2872 to discuss requirements and due dates.

GASQ Industry Standard Reference Rates©

Our GASQ Industry Standard Reference Rates© and our GASQ Client Industry-Specific Cost Benefit Analysis© allows you not only to demonstrate economic value by how much money you can save your customers by outsourcing their in-house security function, but also alleviates the customers concerns about replacing and recovering money spent on your security services. In addition, our standardized pricing concept allows you to disengage quickly when the prospect's pricing doesn’t fit your profitability profile. We eliminate vendor underbidding which not only affects the true value of the security contract, but also the quality of the services provided.

You may select one (1) from the following list:

  • GASQ High Risk/High Crime Locations/Emergency Services Rate
  • GASQ Armed Guard Standard Industry Rate
  • GASQ Unarmed Guard Standard Industry Rate

  • GASQ Bulk Rate
  • GASQ Business-to-Consumer Rate
  • GASQ Professional Services Rate
  • GASQ Consulting Services Rate
  • GASQ Out-of-Market Rate

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Request an Industry Specific Rate

Cost: Free

Referral Partners Program

No need to turn down service requests that are out of your scope of services, billing rate requirements or operational location. Provide GASQ with the service request documents and we will send it to qualified security vendors within our network.

  • When a referral customer buys security services from one of our GASQ subscribers, you can earn 10% of the total contract commission earned by GASQ
  • BONUS: Send us three (3) referrals and you can get a 1-Month Lead Generation Standard Subscription service for FREE (a $399 value)

GASQ Referral Program


See our website’s Out-of-Scope Referral Program to complete a referral submission form

Security Business Consulting

We can help you identify ways to strengthen YOUR security business. We can review your internal processes from bid responses to staff preparation.

Cost: Call for Pricing
Billing on a per hour basis. Call us at (404) 922-2872 to discuss issues and get a cost estimate.

* Industry Limitation: Get A Security Quote reserves the right to limit the number of Security Vendors within each industry or sub-category so that your location/region is not over saturated.

** Confidential Information: Security Vendors must provide complete and accurate operational and financial information for preparation of various required elements of the marketing, analysis and sales process. All provided information will be held in strict confidence and will not be used for any purpose not authorized by the Security Vendors.

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