GASQ Referral for Out-of-Scope Buyers Request

GASQ is Seeking Out-of-Scope or Inactive Security Guard & Patrol Services Accounts

We know that service providers sometime struggle with turning down service request that are out of your scope of services, billing rate requirements and location for your services. We are pleased to introduce you to Get A Security Quote (GASQ) “Out-of-Scope Referral Program™” that can help improve your bottom-line.

All you need to do is submit to us your referral. Step back and let us do all the heavy lifting.  GASQ Out-of-Scope Referral Program™ will match your referred prospective buyer(s) with our interested and qualified vendors. Once the deal is closed, we will pay you a 10% referral fee of our level-of-effort fees earned, guaranteed.

We think you should give GASQ “Out-of-Scope Referral Program™” a try. As you can see, we’re willing to make it worth your while!

GASQ Referral Program

All referral information provided will be kept strictly
confidential and will not be shared with any third party.

Contact the Get A Security Quote Team if you have any questions

Who We Are Not:

  • GASQ is not an Agent, Representative, Salesman or Pre-Seller of the seller or buyer of services. We DO NOT SELL anything. We simply introduce the parties and step back so that you can do your deal.
  • GASQ is not a Private Security Company or Private Investigation Agency engaged in the business of selling or undertaking to provide security guards on a contractual basis or accept employment to obtain or furnish information.

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