“Bridging Buyers & Sellers of Security Services”

Get A Security Quote (GASQ) is a lead generation, pre-qualifying and sales support service for the contract security services, investigations, security systems and security consulting industries. GASQ works with companies who don’t want to manage a full-time in-house security staff. These businesses are looking for the best value for their money and expect the security services to match the fees. Our security vendors are able to meet the expectations of our clients in terms of providing a safe and risk free environment for conducting business at a price they can afford. Pre-qualifying before pursuit inspired our vision of a request for information and quote process that provides the buyer with information that allows them to make an intelligent decision regarding the service being requested and service providers can open up about the confidential details about their business and pricing to someone who is likely to buy, able to buy, and who can benefit from what our interested vendors have to offer at a cost equal to or less than what those clients would pay if they performed the function in-house.

Pre-qualification: Our 360 Degree Client Risk Analysis Questionnaire and process allows us to pre-qualify buyers needs before forwarding for pursuit. Our initial screening works for both the buyer and seller of security services by saving them a bundle of time. It eliminates hours wasted on chasing after bad leads and allows our interested vendors to focus on buyers that have an immediate or future need to obtain their particular type of service, have the money to do so, and can authorize the purchase (or obtain authorization for it).

NOTE: GASQ is not a Private Security Company or Private Investigation Agency engaged in the business of selling or undertaking to provide security guards on a contractual basis or accept employment to obtain or furnish information.

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