Want your website visitors to be able to generate their own Instant Quote?

Download one of the images below and link it to https://getasecurityquote.com/quote/.

Once you have added and tested the link on your website, notify us using the form below so that we can provide you with a custom tracking code for your specific website.

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Start your free, no-obligation quote using
the GASQ Instant Quote Generator!

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Get a free, no-obligation security
services quote from GASQ in minutes.

Need Size Customization?

Need a different banner size, use our contact form to provide the specific dimensions what will work best on your website.  The background colors will not be customized and must be presented as white or black.

After the banner is added and tested on your website, use this form to request your custom tracking code link.

Required Banner Affiliate Profile Information

All banner affiliate applicants are required to provide:

  • Contact Information is required so we know who to attribute link clicks to.
  • Website URL is required even if you do not plan to advertise GASQ on your website directly. In case you consider advertising GASQ on more than one website, please complete a separate banner affiliate registration form for each website and provide all the website URLs.
  • Planned advertising techniques let's us know where you are placing GASQ links and how you are spreading the word!

Providing correct and thorough information during the sign up process is crucial for your affiliate application approval and future affiliate program functioning. Usually, the application will be approved immediately, but sometimes the review process may take  1 business day.

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