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Access to the Vendor Version of the Instant Quote Generator requires the Password included in the confirmation email provided after completion of payment for the Open Access Subscription Plan.

HOW IT WORKS:  Provide your contact information then answer the questions as they are presented to customize the quote response.  See the screenshots below for more information.

Our Instant Quote Generator will provide you with a calculation of the BEST ESTIMATE based on the question responses you provide.  We recommend that you keep the Expires in 7 Days when presenting your estimate to the potential customer Rest assured that your estimate is in line with those generated by other companies within the GASQ network of qualified security vendors.

Vendor Quote Form - Completion Screenshots:

Part 1: General Information
GASQ Vendor Quote

Part 2: Questions
GASQ Vendor Quote

Part 3: Additional Information

GASQ Vendor Quote

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A preliminary quote is generated based on the options you select. Certain assumptions may have been made that will influence the quote you receive. A quote is not an offer for security services, an offer of a security services contract, nor is it a security services contract, or an application to purchase security services. Rates quoted reflect the rates in effect as of the date of this quote and are subject to revision. Your actual security service agreement may vary based upon additional information you provide or removal of any assumptions. You have the right to accept, reject, or modify this quote after review of the application and other underlying information. Get A Security Quote's online quotes are for new customers only. Existing customers should contact their account representative to make changes in existing security services. 

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