Security Vendor: Lead Qualification Service – Per Lead


Lead Qualification Plan using the GASQ Instant Quote Generator system.

The objective of this services is to:
  Qualify your unqualified prospect leads
  Nurture those leads and contacts
  Hand off qualified leads to your Sales Staff or designated representative

1 lead qualification is regularly priced at $39.99*

A GASQ INSTANT QUOTE Estimate is accepted by security vendors nationwide.

* price subject to change

We Verify

GASQ will verify:

  • if the requester is the Decision Maker
  • if the buyer is price shopping
  • if the security project has an approved budget
  • if the buyer is looking for multiple bids or the lowest cheapest price
  • what the buyer is willing to pay your security staff per hour
  • what the buyer is willing to pay you for your services
  • and much more!

Monthly Plans

Our monthly lead qualification plans are seriously discounted!
25 leads per month for only $699 (if bought separately $999 or more)
10 leads per month for only $299 (if bought separately $399 or more)
1 lead qualification service is priced at $39.99* 
* price subject to change

Instant Quote Banner

Add A Instant Quote Banner On Your website
GASQ allows security vendors to add a link to the Quote Form.
Subscription is not required to promote the system!

GASQ Instant Quote

Access Lead Form

Once your order is complete the link to the instructions page will be included on-screen in your Order Details and sent in your order email.  Be sure to save the link as this page is not accessed in our normal website navigation.

Qualifying Prospects Using The Get A Security Quote Instant Quote Generator

Step 1:  Prequalify the prospect before discussing any price estimates or quotes.  We even provide a telephone script and rebuttal responses!

Step 2: Supply the prospect with access to the Instant Quote Generator Form. (automated) Simply fill in the Prospect Form right on the same page.

Step 3: Sit back and let GASQ do all the heavy lifting.