Retail Store Security Guard Cost Estimate

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Retail Security Guard Cost Estimate

Retail Security Guards

In the past, you may have thought that hiring security guards was a luxury you just couldn’t afford, but the truth is you should think about it from the opposite perspective – a security guard at your store or mall is something you literally can’t afford to be without.

There are a number of services provided by a well-qualified security person, even one which is unarmed and carries no weapon in the performance of duty. Most states now require security guards to be licensed, and they can become licensed by attending vocational schools that provide the necessary training.

In fact, depending on the particular state, a guard may have to go through several training programs in order to obtain a license for that state, and then they will receive additional on-the-job training from an employer which hires them for a specific job. After having obtained their license, most states require that guards attend at least one continuing education class periodically, so as to stay abreast of any professional changes which have occurred, as well as to refresh a guard’s original training.

These continuing education classes serve as license renewal programs for guards and are endorsed by most states as sufficient for that purpose. Throughout the training of any security guard, there are usually two different tracks available, those being the armed guard path, and the unarmed guard path. When you’re ready to obtain a security guard quote, it will generally be for one of those two specific types.

Why Hire a Retail Security Guard?

Whenever you’re dealing with a store or an entire mall, you can count on there being lots of foot traffic going in and out, and that means you’ll need to keep all those people safe somehow, in addition to protecting your business. Obviously, you will want to prevent shoplifters from taking advantage of your retail business, because that can amount to a significant loss over a period of time.

Having a security guard on hand will also help to discourage any violent events which might break out, and if one does happen, a security guard will have been trained to manage the situation effectively so it doesn’t escalate into something serious. Many security guards also provide directions and other information to shoppers, which in effect, makes them at least a small part of your overall customer service. Shoppers will generally feel more comfortable when they see that uniformed security personnel are monitoring the premises.

If you ever happen to have an emergency situation in your store or your mall, a security guard has the requisite training to defuse the situation and restore order as quickly as possible. You never know when the skills of a professional might be called upon to manage an accident, a confrontation, or some other unusual situation. On top of all these good reasons to hire a security guard, perhaps one of the best is that it will give you peace of mind in knowing that your establishment and your patrons are both protected as well as possible.

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