Miami, Florida Security Guard Cost Estimate

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Miami, FL Security Guard Cost Estimate

Miami Security Guards

The city of Miami and the state of Florida tend to be on the higher side of crime rates in this country. That means security is something that all businesses, and even some individuals need to be concerned about. 

You need all the facts at your fingertips, so you can make the most informed decisions about whom to hire, and what it will cost you to hire such personnel. 

Keep reading to discover the most relevant data for hiring security personnel in Miami, FL.

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Crime rates in Miami, FL

The state of Florida experiences approximately 100,00 violent crimes per year, with roughly 1,000 murders, 5,000 rapes, and 25,000 robberies. In addition, there are another 670,000 property crimes reported throughout the state annually, with 460,000 cases of thefts of personal property. Of all the violent crimes committed in the state, almost 4,000 of them happen to Miami residents. As a result, Miami has a Crime Index of six – meaning that it is safer than only six percent of all cities in the U.S.

In the city of Miami, your chances of becoming involved in a violent crime are roughly 1 out of 138. That figure might seem to be reasonably safe, but it’s far higher than many other cities. It certainly does not put Miami in a very desirable position as a city that can boast of any kind of respectable safety record.

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Types of Security Guards Needed in Miami, FL 

In Miami, FL, as in most American cities, there are several different types of security guards that businesses and other concerns need.

Armed Security Guards

Malls and banks tend to favor armed security guards who are capable of taking on higher risks, as well as a more involved approach to their jobs.

Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed security guards are commonly found in warehouses, museums, and on corporate premises. These types of guards primarily are charged with observing and reporting on what they see, and not necessarily taking any direct action.

Uniformed vs. Plainclothes Security

Typically, uniformed security personnel work in business settings like banks, shopping centers, museums, highrises, hotels, and warehouses. Plainclothes security guards usually work in private security positions, such as personal security or bodyguards.

The most common types of security guards needed in Miami, FL, are in-house or proprietary security guards, government-contracted security guards, personal security guards, residential security guards, and contract security guards. This last type may be the single most common type of guard, as they work for private security companies which are retained by specific clients.

Typical Miami Security Guard Duties

For the most part, security guards are charged with the functions of observation and detection, monitoring, deterring, preventing, and ultimately reporting. Some Miami security guards are hired to patrol the premises of a venue, while others are stationed at a single location.

Those who patrol specific areas are generally expected to circulate among crowds of people, and when necessary, evict, prevent, or apprehend individuals who are engaging in undesirable behavior. 

All security guard positions in Miami require vigilance from hired personnel, as well as conscientious attention to detail. Some posts also require that the security guard be well-versed in customer service, especially those positions tied to corporate enterprises.

Cost of Miami Security Guards

Several factors come into play when it comes to determining the cost of hiring security services in Miami.

Armed vs. Unarmed Guards

Generally, the biggest difference in the cost of a security guard stems from whether they need to be an armed guard or an unarmed guard. You can usually hire a basic unarmed guard for between $15 and $20 per hour, with an armed guard costing you roughly five dollars an hour more than that. For guards with much more experience, you can expect to pay between $30 and $35 an hour for an unarmed guard, and between $35 and $45 per hour for an armed guard.

Ex-Military and Off Duty Police

If you choose to hire a guard with an extremely high skill level, such as an ex-military individual or an off-duty police officer, the price per hour would be closer to between $60 and $100. What you’re paying for is the level of experience and the knowledge that these guards have. A basic unarmed guard with little or no experience would be at the low end of the totem pole, whereas a highly experienced veteran would be all the way at the top, commanding the highest salary. 

Event Security

When you need to hire a guard for a specific event, you might pay anywhere between $15 an hour to $100 an hour, depending on the type of individual you hire for event security service. Hiring site security, for instance, at a store or mall location, would probably cost you somewhere between $15 and $45 per hour, depending on whether or not you require armed guards.

How to Get a Quote For a Miami Security Guard 

One of the best ways to get a security quote for Miami, FL security guards, is to use a popular online search tool named GASQ. Using this tool provides you with access to a large number of security service providers and consultants. It saves you time and effort over conducting a manual search and delivers you more candidates than you find on your own.

Get a Security Quote (GASQ) will put you into quick contact with several security companies capable of providing the services you need. One of the great things about working with GASQ is that we virtually eliminate under-bidding, so you end up paying rates that are in line with industry standards for whatever services you require.