Houston, Texas Security Guard Cost Estimate

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Houston, TX Security Guard Cost Estimate

Houston Security Guards

Like most other big cities in the United States, security in Houston, TX is a big concern, and that means a large number of professionals are required to keep inhabitants safe. The information below will provide you with the most important facts to be aware of if your business is in need of security personnel, so you can make the most informed decision possible.

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Most Common Types of Crime & Crime Rates in Houston

The crime index for Houston currently stands at four, which means it is safer than only 4% of American cities according to neighborhoodscount.com. That should tell you there is a substantial need for security personnel in the city, and that more guards are always needed. Your chances of being involved in a violent crime in Houston are one in 89, which is alarmingly high.The most common types of crime in the city are assaults, robberies, rapes, and murders, with more than 14,000 assaults occurring each year, and nearly 1,000 murders. Houston is a large city with well over 2 million residents, so it is no surprise that a high crime rate exists. Fortunately, the use of security guards can help to make businesses and citizens safer.

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Types of Security Guards Needed in Houston

In Houston, there are several different types of security guards needed, just as there are several different kinds of employers who require their services.

Personal Security Icon

Personal Security Guards

Personal security guards, for instance, are bodyguards who are usually highly skilled, well-trained, and offer a high level of security to their employer. They will generally be well paid for their high standard of service.

In-House Security Icon

In-House Security Guards

In-house security guards are employed directly by a company and are full-time employees with the same rights and privileges as any other employee. Larger companies generally opt for hiring in-house guards because they have the funds to do so, whereas it can be an expensive proposition for a small business. In-house guards are paid directly by the company that hired them and have real shifts, just like other employees at the firm.

Government Security Icon

Government-Contracted Security Guards

Government-contracted security guards are generally very well trained and armed since there is some expectation of risk associated with their jobs. They may have positions in courtrooms, jailhouses, or government buildings. These kinds of security guards often have considerably more discretion in the performance of their duties, and thus are invested with higher authority.

Residential Security Icon

Residential Security Guards

Residential security guards provide security for private homes and are employed by the homeowners. Part of their duties generally include controlling access to the home and screening visitors on behalf of their employers.

Contract Security Icon

Contract Security Guards

Contract security guards are probably the biggest single group of security personnel in Houston since they work for a security company that markets its services to several companies. These individuals provide security at malls and stores, as well as other public buildings.

How Much Does a Houston Security Guard Cost?

The cost of a security guard will depend on a number of factors. First among these is what type of service you require. For instance, you may need a full-time bodyguard, a patrolling guard for your premises, a deterrent to shoplifters at your store, or a security guard for a single event. Generally, single-event security guards are more expensive, simply because it’s a one-time deal and there’s no expectation of further employment.

It will also matter a great deal whether you need an armed guard or an unarmed person. Unarmed guards may only cost between $15 and $25 per hour if you’re hiring them for mall security or something similar. Armed guards will cost $5 to $10 more per hour because they have training in the use of firearms, and because they’re taking on greater risk simply by being armed. When you hire an unarmed guard in Houston who has more advanced skills, you can expect to pay $30 to $35 per hour. If you hire an armed guard with advanced skills, your cost will go up to between $40 and $45 per hour.

At the high end of the security personnel scale are ex-military operatives and off-duty police officers. Because of their skill set and training, these individuals can command a higher pay rate, but you’re also getting more for what you’re paying. These individuals routinely earn between $60 and $100 per hour for their services because they are considered elite security professionals. In situations where security is critical and there is some expectation of risk, these are the professionals you want to hire for the job.

Getting a Quote for Security Services

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