Are you tired of responding to unqualified requests for security services or do you need marketing/sales assistance without adding more employees. GASQ's Lead Qualification Services can fill the gap!

GASQ is prepared to offer you the help you need in qualifying your leads with little effort on your part.  When a prospect contacts your office you can either (1) use our Instant Quote Generator to develop your offer or (2) you can hand off the prospect to us and we will take them through the verification and validation process to deliver a fully qualified lead to you that is ready for closing the sale.

Use our Plan Comparison Chart below to see what is included in each package.

Lead Qualification Plan Comparison

Description Standard Package First Right of Refusal Package Do-It-Yourself Package
Plan Price Per Month $299 per month
$399 full price
$699 per month
$999 full price
$159 per month
$799 full price
Plan Savings Per Month $100 or 25% $300 or 30% $640 or 80%
Subscription Length Month-to-Month 3-Month 3-Month
Use of Vendor Quote Tool No No Open Access
Use of Instant Quote Generator Yes Yes Yes
Number of Leads Processed Per Month 10 25 20 (est)
Cost Per Lead $29.99 $27.96 N/A
Additional or Non-Subscriber Leads $39.99 $39.99 N/A
Level-of-Effort Fees 7.5% of Total
Contract Value
3.75% of Total
Contract Value
Nurture Leads For 3 Months Yes Yes N/A
Monthly Status Report on Open Leads Yes Yes N/A
Lead Status Tracking Yes Yes N/A
Vendor Limitations N/A 5 per state N/A
Contract Value Limitations $4,000+ $18,500+ N/A
Price Proposal Assistance (2 per month) No Yes No
Areas the FRR Package is Available N/A Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington DC N/A
Estimated Return on Investment Value $3,990 $18,640 N/A
Dollar-To-Dollar ROI Ratio $13.00 to $1.00 $26.00 to $1.00 N/A
GET STARTED! Standard Package
$299 per month
First Right of Refusal Package
$699 per month
Do-It-Yourself Package
$159 per month

Package Recommendations Standard Package
10 leads per month
First Right of Refusal
25 leads per month
Marketing/Sales Staff
  0 X X
  1-2 X X X
  3-4+ X X
Projected Sales
  $200,000+ X X
  $600,000+ X X X
  $1,000,000+ X X
GET STARTED! Standard Package
$299 per month
First Right of Refusal Package
$699 per month
Do-It-Yourself Package
$159 per month

Additional Marketing/Sales Services can be customized to fit your specific goals!


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