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  • Are you tired of the security industry predatory pricing strategy?
  • Are you tired of being under bid by your competition?
  • Are you tired of losing on price?
  • Are you tired of your best price proposals being shopped around by your potential prospects to your competitors?

What if you could offer a fair and reasonable price for your security services to your customers that can’t be manipulated by either parties involved?

Our GASQ Industry Standard Reference Rates© allows you not only to demonstrate how much money you can save your customers by outsourcing their in-house security function, but also alleviates their concerns about replacing and recovering money spent on your particular service. Our GASQ Industry Standard Reference Rates© and our GASQ Client Industry-Specific Cost Benefit Analysis© also allows you to disengage quickly when the prospect pricing doesn’t fit your profitability profile.

If you are interested in learning more about the GASQ Industry Standard Reference Rates© and what we can do to help you establish value in your customer’s eyes, give us a call at (404) 922-2872 or complete the form to reach us.

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